Sunday, June 13, 2010


Little Gracie turns 1

My friend Makenzie's Little girl turned 1 this weekend and we had so much fun at her
Alice in one-derland party...such a cute and creative idea for a B-day party. Lila
had a blast and was seriously all over the place. She was so excited to play with new toys,
new friends, pet the Bunnies and eat a ton of yummy food. Thanks Kenzie for having us!

The darling B-day girl
All the cute and creative decorations
Gracie looks just like her mama
My baby
Lila was obsessed with the bunnies....
and the swings...

and the playhouse
This was her face when I told her we had to go eat lunch...haha too funny
All the party people and Gracie eating her yummy cupcake
Lila wearing her "mad hatter" hat

Elmo mama
My beautiful friends

My babe and me

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